I was born in a faraway place, during a lightning storm. My mother was the lovely and opinionated Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Ask her about the “feeble-minded” and she’ll talk your ear off.



My father, of course, was born during a meteor shower, and he spent the rest of his life chasing his dreams with stars in his eyes. He was known to the world as Ray Bradbury.



As for the rest of the family: there are my brothers, Brian Lumley, Theodore Sturgeon, Orson Scott Card, and Philip K. Dick, a bunch of rascals, to be sure; and my sisters were the beautiful and talented Sharon Shinn, Patricia McKillip, and Robin McKinley. I have this one cousin who is a bit scary though, and you never wanted to be alone anywhere with only him. We called that cousin Stevey.



He takes a nice picture, but you should see him when he thinks the parents aren’t watching and he has a pocket full of matches.