As Promised

As promised, I will let you in on the general topic of Mr. O. S. Card’s speech. He talked mainly about where his most famous character Ender originated. He (Card) has had many years to contemplate this and analyze where the character was born. Ender, Card said, is a product of isolation and separation. Card was often a loner. A smart kid among sportos, he often got the best grades in his class. He moved around a bit when he was younger and this also made him feel isolated. He felt isolated in some of his church callings, though he made it sound humorous rather than sour. He also wrote plays while other children his age were out playing. He was late to learn how to drive, so he spent the time waiting for his father to pick him up by writing. He put these traits into his character Ender, though Card claimed not to have thought about it so much back then. He only recognized it more and more after the fact. He also said that he wrote a lot of versions of the screenplay for the recent Ender’s Game movie, which made him think about how Ender was created, and yet none of them were quite right. Card said that when someone else came up with the script that focused on the relationship between Ender and the other children did it all finally work.