Amazon’s Awkwardness

I’m a little disappointed in Amazon. They’re supposed to be in the business of selling books. Of course, they also sell lots of other things, so maybe, just maybe we can chalk this latest foible up to the pressure of their massive expansion over the years. Massive expansion equals not enough time to focus on reality. That is only one hypothesis and will have to be tested. I could drive the ship for a while. No, instead I’ve decided to correct what they have done wrong. Recently the good folks at Amazon published a list of the 100 books to read in a lifetime¬†and though there were some good books in the list, I was mightily drawn at how many dull and boring books were in there. Like I said, they’re supposed to be in the business of selling books, so the question that immediately comes to mind is: “Why limit it to so many dull selections?” Well, I’m making my own list, and it does take a while to collect that many titles, though my list was nearly instantly filled with books that I thought were interesting enough to buy and read more than once. Some of the rest of my list I gathered from other people I’ve been talking to about their favorite books, and so I’ve had some fun conversations over the past few weeks; I highly recommend starting up a conversation this way: “What’s one of your favorite books you’ve read that you could read over and over again?” Anyway, I have no attention span for books that are made up of slow action, or no action, and dull, lifeless topics that don’t encourage repeat visits.

To complete the list, I wanted to make sure these were books I had actually read, and not stuff that came off of an old dead-letter office list that got dusted off for re-release. Not saying that Amazon came up with their list by such a method, but I am saying that their list is chock full of boring titles that will make the already timid reader run to the movies and discard books forever. That is not what we need. So, I’ll read a couple more books and then post my list next week. Don’t be afraid to let me know if my list needs improvement. Also, don’t be afraid to check out Amazon’s list just because I said it stinks. They included a few good titles worth reading.