Interesting List

Here’s another interesting top 100 list:

Top 100 books in the UK

This struck me as funny because The DaVinci Code has sold so many copies. Do you know what this MEANS? This means that 5 million people sent Dan Brown a dollar thinking that he would tell them where the treasure is. Oh, he knows where the treasure is. 5 million suckers actually bought that book. 5 million people who don’t know where the library in their town is located, instead went out and bought that dull piece of writing. It promises puzzles (of which you could find better examples in Brian Lumley’s Necroscope, by the way), and it perhaps promises a thrill ride which unfortunately never comes, but instead delivers a textbook-like redundant mention of some mysterious and incoherent earth-nymph. I hope you, dear reader, were not one of those who bought in to the sale of the fool’s gold. Anyway, I shouldn’t hack too heavily on Dan Brown, after all he has carved out a nice niche for himself, reinventing his first novel in different ways. He does write well and has good ideas. I just don’t like his market. I prefer books with either a philosophical theme or an action theme, and his don’t seem to have either of those.

Also on this list are the Harry Potter books, which have sold really well, and for good reason. As those books were written and sold, I was a rabid fan and by the end I was ready to claim J. K. Rolling as a fraud if she didn’t do something with one of her characters. I won’t spoil it for any of you who may not have read the books, but I will tell you that she came through in the end, and I can’t say anything bad about her writing or her books now.

Anyway, check out this list (linked above) for some interesting sales information, rather than one person’s idea of what the best books are.