Alien Perception

So, I decided to call this one Alien Perception because that is the blessed genetic mutation that is affecting my brain most of the time. Generally speaking it feels like those scenes in movies where there’s a character noticing how everyone else is in stasis while he gets to run circles around them all with pointy objects or loads of twine. It can be fun. Much of the time, though, (and you’ll know what I mean if you have ever felt this way) it’s a lot of work. You have to try to describe to people and you have to explain what your first thought was when really since the moment they asked you what you meant you’ve had seven other distinct thought threads and twelve clear yet complex ideas. It can be a challenge.

But maybe here we can all get a view in to what that other quick world is like and maybe we can all learn together. Wisdom should (heavy accentuation on the should) come from diving down the well of your ideas and mine. Let’s see how it turns out, eh?

Also, I have to clear the bones from my closet: I’m a writer. I have several works out there and I’m not really sure how to stop writing. The world of WordPress seemed like an obvious beneficial outlet. Thanks WordPress!


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